Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cow Day 3

Today is only Day 3 since Cow had his third eyelid flap operation. Time passes so slowly when you wish it would fly...

Cow has learnt to adjust to eat with the e-collar on, but he still needs help, so I hold the bowl up for him as much as possible. All of us have been showering him with praises and moral support, cheering him on. We spend time to sit with him as often as we can. He loves the pampering so that's good.

Feeding him his oral medication is a bit of a problem, but I am managing that. He spits the tablet out, so I have to keep trying until he finally swallows it. I also give him syringes of water since I don't know if he is drinking enough. He eats wetfood and kibbles, so at least there's water in the wetfood.

We are all praying that this surgery will be able to salvage his eye. The third eyelid has to be stitched up for 3 weeks and during this time, we actually don't know what is going on inside. So far, there is hardly any discharge, so I hope that's a good sign (no rupture of the ulcer?).

All of us wish we could take Cow's pain and suffering away. If only we could absorb it, we would. Sigh...


This is Cow's special pink blanket, placed beside me. He spends most of his time sleeping, so that's good.

Rest, Cow, and recover quickly.


When Cow is not on the blanket, Indy takes it. Maybe it's Indy's way of saying he is sorry. But you know how it is with cats - they are territorial and they will fight. It happens, and there's just so much that we can do.

Cow and all of us thank you very much for your kind prayers and thoughtful wishes.  We are very grateful.




Morton & Gang said...

Yes, sleep is the way to go....I sleep a lot when I am unwell and then I am well again... Mom said ...sleep is the balm of all illness..just as Shakespeare said in King Lear. We are praying for your full recovery and your Mom's too. Eat, sleep and take meds.. That is the way to go...Take care Biuddy

Kind regards
Morton & Gang

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Glad to see you're still hanging in there Cow! Sending prayers & positive thoughts your way. May you and Dr. Chan have a speedy recovery! Take care!