Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deeply touched and blessed by angels without wings

Today I am deeply touched by the kind gestures of AnimalCare's good friends.

You'd remember that 15 blankets were given away last month to those who have helped us in kind, silently and anonymously through the years.

11 of those blankets are now coming back to AnimalCare to be auctioned for fundraising!

I was so surprised!

The friends who have taken these blankets were merely keeping them safe to give me time to recover and reconsider my decision. They just took them off me to lighten my load at that time because that was what I needed. They knew one day, sooner or later, I would continue running AnimalCare and they would then give the blankets back.

That day has now come, and I am so deeply touched by their kind gesture.

Another friend who took the blankets (I insisted that she keeps them) gave a generous donation to our Fund when I announced we were taking baby steps to revive AnimalCare.

Thank you, thank you - for being there and supporting every decision I have made. When I was too tired and could not go on, you all gave me space and time to rest. And when I am ready to start again, you are all behind me, giving me all the support and help that I need.

The blessings that came with starting and running AnimalCare is that I have friends who would stand by me through thick and thin.

Touched and blessed by angels without wings. I am so thankful.


Look, Ginger! The blankets have come back!!


Oh yay! I remember this one, and this one...


I designed this, and this...


All these blankets will be up for auction in due time.

We hope you will support us again!!

Thank you, dear friends.

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Joy E. Saga said...

God bless the givers! You don't need wings as you already carry them!