Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where is there green netting all over the place?

My husband decided it's too stuffy to close all the windows and doors whenever the non-Cows come out to the "rest of the house" for their destressing playtime, so this morning, he green-netted all the windows and the sliding door.


What's going on outside?


What's this green netting doing here??

How are we going to get out now?


I'm okay, I don't mind being just inside.


Husband wanted to green-net all the entrances but I said to leave one door un-netted so that the Patio Family can still come in when the non-Cows are inside Bunny's Place. We'll just make this wedge with the door to block off the exit when the non-Cows are around. The inside cats cannot get out; the outside cats cannot get in. Brilliant, eh?

You think?

Cats can push, especially those of the Indy-types.

Anyway, let's just try it, shall we? If it doesn't work, we can always do something else, but I really wanted the Patio Family to be able to get in, especially when I'm home. They enjoy coming into the house and chilling out at the dining area.


The living room windows are all netted. Husband says this will be enough to prevent them from trying to get out.

You think?


Rosie's outside, taking her afternoon nap.


Vincent is on guard ala Stormtrooper.


We know Tiger won't even try.


Next to Timmy, this is the second happiest cat around.


But only when she is out of Bunny's Place.


However, it did not take too long for indy to....investigate and calculate.


I missed the in-between episode but the next time I looked, Spider-Cat was already out of the window!


Piece of cake, I'm sure.


Okay, inside, Indy!


Do I get to come out now?

Okay, Bunny, but no spraying, please.


After all the day's adventures.


I'm good, I don't escape. Not like him (Indy).


The threesome relaxing.


I'm not interested in going anywhere...


This is a brand new spot we created for Pole.

She's really happy here.

Finally, I took off the green netting at the sliding door so that the Patio Family can have freer access into the house. They looked quite miserable when they saw that their favourite entrance had been green-netted, and you know how cats look at you, right? I'm a sucker for that, so I didn't have to think twice. Took 'em plyers and took out the netting.

Rosie, Ginger, Daffodil and Ginger quickly came in, so thankful they still have a way in!

So all is well now. We shall close the sliding door when we let the non-Cows out to play. Actually they are friends with all the Patio Family EXCEPT the Stormtrooping Vincent Valentino Starr. Indy has declared him to be his No.1 enemy. Fur will fly when the two meet and we cannot have that happening, can we?


Joy E. Saga said...

Nope, netting too low. I wire net mine all the way up ... i'm living in my own self-made cage.

chankahyein said...

Yups, we just want a deterrent but not a fool-proof netting because we don't want to live in a cage too! It's just so that they cannot escape "too" easily. Tiger didn't even try. But Indy....Indy will always try!

Jasmine said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful cat tales, Sis Kah Yein. The cats in your home are REALLY a lucky lucky bunch. They are SO loved! :)

Aww ... Tabs is just super duper cute with her happy roll-on-her-back-with-paws-in-the-air, on your kitchen counter. Look at her cute face gazing up innocently at you <3 These are the moments that capture your heart! :)

And Indy with his usual mischievous escapades, ha ha ...

Joey said...

Your home will be looking like mine soon - every door and window totally netted. In my case, it's so that my feathered kids can enjoy freedom in the house.

Like Joy said.... living in own self-made cage, lol.

Alicia said...

When Snowy was still young we didn't want her to go out so we had the green net installed at the bottom half of the grill door. But when we did let her out she started to bite the bottom right corner from the outside. By time we realised she had made a small hole big enough for her to slip in and out. Now it's her rabbit hole. She goes in and out the house through that hole.

chankahyein said...

Rabbits and dogs bite. Cats climb!