Friday, May 10, 2013

Of geographical and political boundaries, feline-style

 When my husband is at work, the patio cats come into the house.

Here's Rosie enjoying the basket. No, three baskets, actually!

Timmy the Tummy!

Ginger hangs out at the dining room.

 One night Rosie was out in the porch.

May I come in please?

And I'm asking for my mum too, please? 

 Happiness is...rolling on the floor!
(After a good meal, of course!) 

 Sometimes the Royal Guards take a break.

It's actually good for them, you know. Guard duty can be so stressful!

 Tiger, the Mandela of the clan, does want to make friends, really.

 Hey Timmy, you sure are happy, aren't you?

 But sometimes Tiger gets it real bad from the Cow Family.

Poor Tiger, he is fourth in line, actually, and is only a few months younger than Cow, Bunny and Pole. The three "early settlers" came on 7th May 2006 (Hey, Happy Birthday, Cow, Bunny and Pole!) and Tiger came in September 2006. That makes him about 4 months younger because when Tiger came, he was about 2-3 weeks old.

And ever since Tiger came, Cow & Bunny have been using him as a punching bag.

But Tiger copes very well.

How does he do it?

 Well, he just looks the other way.

Or, turns the other cheek?

I must say, whatever method he is using has enabled him to survive and cope in the last 7 years, so there's something there that we can learn from, isn't there? And think about it, Tiger has never got into any major fight with anyone.

What IS your secret, Tiger?

“Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front.” 
― Nelson Mandela

Oh I see....shh then. Thank you for sharing.

Shh, everyone. Don't tell the two bosses, please.

 You can ask me too, I have no quarrels with anyone and no one dares to bully me.

So Pole, what's your secret?

I'm all muscle and I'm super fast. When provoked, I fight back. Otherwise, I don't bully anyone.
And keep yourself slim and fit - that helps too. 

"There is a time to be quiet and a time to talk."
- Aung San Suu Kyi.


Chen said...

Pole, as she licks her paw daintily, "My brothers are all beer-bellied bullies. Pfft!"

chankahyein said...

Can I hire your services in caption-writing for my posts?


Chen said...

Think of it as caption-writing subsidy :)