Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Spider-Cat strikes again!

Oh no!!! Indy escapes again???!!!

Well, sort of, yes. But no worries, he's back already.

Every morning, on the days where my husband goes to work later, he lets the three non-Cows out to play.

The non-Cows are Tabs,...


 ...and Tiger.

He figured they must be dying to get out because of the Cow-Family-stress inside Bunny's Place.

"How can anyone live with all this stress of being attacked", he laments.

So, he lets the non-Cows out.

 Tabs is the happiest, because she gets to run and play with everything.

These are the vuvuzelas from the rally!

 Tabs loves looking outside.

We have all the doors and windows closed. Or, partially shut in a way that no normal cat would attempt to open.

Note that I said "normal" cat.

But Indy is not a "normal cat", so after a few minutes, Indy had gone missing!!

"Oh no, Indy is gone!!", my husband raised the alarm.


As quick as lightning, he saw a flash of black-and-white leaping into the garden (from outside) and back onto the patio. Oh no, was that Indy? Did he have a romp in the park?? You'll never know, because the masked hero is just too fast.

But Indy was quickly brought back and his body was all hot. And Tabs was with him too, but she was only at the patio.


Here's where Indy escaped. He must have pushed open the sliding door.

 Or was it through the kitchen window?

Or here, in the living room, but in plain sight? Husband was seated there watching tv and did not see Indy escape?

Well, with Indy, trust me, it IS possible.

 Mr Indy, just how did you escape?

Not telling, huh?

 Our masked hero, energised by his successful escape which went undetected, is unperturbed.

He attempts again.

He tries upstairs, but all the windows are shut tightly. Locked.

 Tabs is just playful, but not so adventurous and she won't attempt anything risky, unless it's a wide open window, then our girl's specialty is the roof escapes.

 I don't get to go out??

Well, you're a Cow, so no, Bunny.

Cow & Bunny spray, so they cannot be let out freely. Only under supervision. They do get time-out too, but only for a few minutes.

Pole? Er, no, we think she has already telepathically-seen all the possible escape routes so the moment we let her out, she'll be out of the house and would have gone goodness-knows-where. Cleo? I think Cleo is quite happy where she is.

Yes, I'm happy where I am.

 Another million-ringgit shot of Cow-in-the-Condo!

 Bunny gets to play in his washing-machine-space-pod, under close supervision.

No Pole escapades, please.

We don't know how to deal with her type of escapes...yet. Once she has it all calculated to precision, there's no stopping her. And Pole never fails.

 Bunny has a guest.

 It's Timmy!

He so wants to be friends.

 After an hour of freedom, Tiger asks to come back.

He sits at outside the grille and I open the grille. He walks right in.

He is satisfied and happy.

Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. 
- Nelson Mandela

Shh...don't tell Cow & Bunny!


Connie said...

Timmy's perception :

More friends = More food bowls

chankahyein said...

YES!! Smart boy he is!