Saturday, May 11, 2013

Timmy's Merry-Go-Round!

Every morning and at all meal times, Timmy plays Merry-Go-Round in the patio.

 It will start off this way where everyone has a bowl, yes, including our guest, Mr G!

 Quickly, feed Willy-O!

He is usually either at the culvert outside or already under the car, so it doesn't take long for him to come to the bowl.

 Within minutes, Timmy would have finished his bowl so here's where his Merry-G0-Round rides start.

Today, he has picked on a difficult victim - Vincent Starr.

Er, Timmy, are you sure you want to taunt Vincent?

 Vincent is not exactly very happy, but Timmy perseveres.

Timmy's philosophy is quite simple: Just keep looking in a friendly manner, you'll get it eventually. No need for any aggression or staring-down. No, no, we are a peaceful people. Note: Mr G is doing it to Daffodil too, but it's more "polite" and covert.

 Vincent appears to be moving off. Daffodil too?

 But not without showing his utmost displeasure first.

We are polite people; we don't fight or argue, we merely show our displeasure and disgruntlement.

Mr G: I'm not asking, I'm just looking. 

 Patience comes to those who wait.

Timmy wins!

This is what Timmy does every meal time. He goes round, asking for food the moment he finishes his bowl. And even at the start of every meal, he goes around all the bowls as each bowl is filled. Everyone gives way to him and moves in a Merry-G0-Round fashion. Timmy comes, I move off, and everyone moves accordingly until an "equilibrium" is reached. By then, Timmy would have eaten a bit from every bowl. It's fun watching it!

Rosie and Vincent are on their way out...oh oh!

Stop, Rosie, stop! Please let Willy finish his meal first.

 It is not easy to stop Rosie, and harder still to stop Vincent.

And in any case, silly me, how can you stop a cat from doing what it wants?

Oh oh, poor Willy has fled.


 Even putting the bowl under the car doesn't help.

Willy isn't taking the risk of coming back though he tries, by walking a few steps towards the gate.

 Willy, come, Willy-O!

 Willy can't come back. Rosie and Vincent are both on guard.

 Now, Ginger is coming.

 But Ginger is the sweetest of the Patio Family. He won't attack or wrestle food from anyone.

Good boy, Gin Gin.

 An Happy-O-Timmy is also quite harmless except for "hungry-ness"!

But he doesn't use aggression to get food, he just asks....persistently.

 Daffodil and Mr G polishes up everyone else's bowls.

Every day, the food bowls are polished clean because Timmy will do the final clean-up!

Timmy the Tummy!

And Gin Gin, still hoping to make friends with Bunny and Friends.


Chen said...

Timmy wasn't even looking at Vincent. He was staring only at the plate. Same as when you are sitting on a park bench enjoying the morning with a newspaper, and a guy comes sit next to you and keep looking at your newspaper. He doesn't say anything or look at you or do anything, just stare at the page you are reading. Eventually you'll walk away too. Only here Vincent could not bring his plate along with him. Heh heh.

chankahyein said...

Yes, and you just have to give Timmy for devising this effective method (which appears to be non-aggressive and non-demanding) of getting the other cat to give up the bowl for him! And that's our Timmy for you!!

Chen said...

Timmy is such a comical cat. So weirdo.