Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeding Willy at the culvert

 I can already sit with Willy as he eats every morning.

There's no way Willy can eat inside the porch as the Patio Family (led by Vincent Starr) and Mr G will chase him out. Mr G is not even a resident Patio Cat, but he takes it upon him to chase poor Willy out.

Oh well, who are we humans to make the rules, right? And try interfering with cat politics - that would be utter foolishness, I tell you.

 Mukda passes by and I ask her if there are new cats to be neutered at the pavilion. She said there is none, only a new one near her house and she's got that one neutered already.

She did say that some houses keep quite a number of cats and they are not neutered, so you will see new cats every now and then. Well yes, I've already offered our subsidy to the whole neighbourhood and explained the benefits of getting one's pets neutered. We can only do so much.

Meanwhile, my husband does his exercise at the basketball court opposite our house every morning and he says there are only about 3 cats having breakfast at the pavilion every morning. And one of them is none other than our Ms Rosie! Yes, Rosie still goes to the pavilion for breakfast, before she comes back to the patio for her second breakfast. One wonders why she isn't obese! High metabolic rate, I suppose.

And Willy hangs out at the basketball court too. He seems quite confident now.

This black-and-white is a regular pavilion breakfast cat.
She came over when she saw Willy eating and I left some food for her.

 Ms Rosie on her high perch.

Daffodil and son, Ginger.

 Don't-mess-with-me-Vincent Starr.

 Happy days are here again,
The skies above are clear again,
Let us sing a song of cheer again,
Happy days are here again!!! 

That's the world according to Timmy!

And what a wonderful world it would be!!


Looks like my title "Feeding Willy" inspired one of our readers to create this picture!


For those who are unfamiliar, "Free Willy" was a box office movie in 1993!


Jasmine said...

I burst out laughing at the last photo of Timmy the Tummy :D You have the cutest way to describe him and his mood most aptly. He looks so cute when he rolls over like this :)

I think all cats are cute when they roll over with their folded paws in the air and they sleep that way!

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...now, we have A LOT to learn from Timmy, don't we? He fights with no one. He tried to make friends with everyone though others are hostile. He is grateful for whatever he has. He seizes the moment (I actually mean food!). And he is always, always happy!

kettenkard said...

sorry but when i read the title i could think of a certain movie....

and i made this


chankahyein said...

LOL!! Nice!

kettenkard said...

oopss.i made a mistake.i put the cat backwards so now it looked like the cat jumped out of the water butt first.

wonder of willy is that talented.

CW Lee said...

Dear Kettenkard, Simply loved your sense of humour and artistic talent. Im still laughing while typing this especially that small phrase you wrote "starring Madam Chan , Willy the cat and directed by Tab. Jane Spencer" U have brightened up my day, LOL

Chen said...

I'm sure Timmy would love to direct Feeding Willy. Note the big bowl of food.

kettenkard said...

thanks.although i think it is a bit messy.i'm not good with photoshop.made that with paint in like 10 minutes.

kettenkard said...

Timmy would eat the prop (food) and the movie would go nowhere.

Jasmine said...

Nice one, kettenkard! :)