Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reinstalling the shelf at the Clubhouse

I took a BIG risk a few days ago and had the Spider-Cat Classic Escape-of-the-Year shelf reinstalled at the Clubhouse.

 Indy was the very first to notice it.

This is the famous Spider-Cat Escape shelf, which I had dismantled when we were totally outsmarted and baffled by Indy's great escapades. I had it dismantled and reinstalled as a "jungle walk" for Cleo, but nobody liked it. So, after more than a month, I decided the good shelf should not be wasted just like that. After all, it's cengal wood and reputed to be extremely "tahan lasak". Yes, good hard wood from our rainforests.

So, it's reinstalled now, just slightly lower than where it used to be.

 Indy just looked but did not attempt to go up.

 Instead, Bunny went up first!

 And he liked it...

So far, only Tabs and Bunny have used it.

 They also don't play with the green tubes anymore.  Instead, it's used to sleep on or to rub one's face onto.

 Me and my grey mat.
Ain't nobody touchin' it but me!

(by special order of the Spider-Cat) 

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