Saturday, May 11, 2013

A lovely story for the weekend

My son, Jia-Wen, has to go through a base check every six months, as all pilots do. Yesterday was his base check and the instructor was a Brazilian captain. He is here with his wife, children and his dog.

They got talking and the Brazilian captain, Capt Cesar, said whenever he travels back to Brazil with his family to visit his home, he brings his dog along. He said it matter-of-factly, in that there is no other way, "How could you possibly leave your dog behind?" - that is beyond his comprehension to leave his dog behind. Kudos to Capt Cesar!

And here's how he does it: KLM (the Royal Dutch Airlines) allows pets on board, in the cabin, not as freight. So, even though Capt Cesar can take a cheaper and much shorter flight from Malaysia to Brazil, he doesn't. Because the cheaper flights by other airlines do not allow pets on board in the cabin. So, he'd rather pay more and travel a longer itinerary just so that his dog can go along.

Hooray to Capt Cesar! And hooray to KLM!

No pet-boarding for his dog when he travels with his family, his dog IS family and his dog goes along whenever the whole family travels.

Now, doesn't this just cheer you up for the weekend?



 See you up there, folks!!


Jennifer L said...

These dogs are so blessed! It does cheer up the mood for the weekend :) Happy Mother's Day to you, Dr Chan. Read your blog on your trip to Kelana Stadium. I was there too with Derrick. Hope to catch up soon!

chankahyein said...

And Happy Mother's Day to you too (for being "mom" to all your rescues!).

cindy said...

This is new to me -- KLM now allows pet on board. But I would not be able to have 13 cats sitting all prettily with me in the cabin anyway. I think :!!

We all travelled on the same flight, me upstair, they downstairs. For me it was a very comforting thought. IF anything happened to the flight, we can all die together. That was what I was thinking when I made arrangement for the cats.

I too travelled with KLM. KLM has the best reputation for transporting animals. My cats arrived without much problems and settled down very quickly in their new home.