Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bunny's fun in the sun (or "When Timmy met Bunny")

This morning, while I was at work and the two boys (husband and son) were at home, Bunny managed to sweet-talk them into giving him a romp in the garden.

Apparently, there was an encounter between Timmy and Bunny, but it was "peaceful". This proves that Bunny doesn't simply pick fights. He just bullies. When Timmy met Bunny, there was no growling but Bunny stool tall, and Timmy backed off. Smart boy...walk away when you sense impending trouble.

Bunny went to sniff at Rosie's tail as well, and Jia-Wen quickly whisk Bunny off because he was afraid Rosie might attack (which she is capable of) and a fight between Rosie and Bunny would have been disastrous.

Bunny then went to explore the rest of the garden...

 He spent quite a long time out in the sun this morning and he did not attempt to go out of the gate.

Happy Sunny Bunny!!

 Tired out all afternoon.

 We got another one of these mats and Bunny has monopolised it.

 Taking turns on the mats.

Thank you for sharing, Indy.

Sometimes, this is all Tiger gets.


"Pawing" on the new mat. It's a sign of happiness.

 I don't need a mat!

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