Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cow rises to the occasion!!

We were right that Cow has mellowed over the years and we all agree that Cow is very well-behaved these days except for the occasional crankiness (who isn't at times, right?).

Today I witnessed Cow at his best.

This afternoon, Bunny charged at Tabs (to bully), and guess who came to Tabs' rescue?

Yes, Cow Mau!

Cow Mau surged at Bunny, hissed, growled and stopped Bunny from bullying Tabs. He chased Bunny away!

Yay for Cow Mau!!

We always opine that Cow Mau is the way he is because he missed out on his childhood.

When Cow, Bunny and Pole were first rescued at 2 days, it was Cow who protected Bunny & Pole. Even when I first found them by the roadside, it was Cow who crawled away to "look for help". At least that was the impression I got when I saw them the second round. In the first round, I was so ignorant I hoped the mother-cat would come get them. It was on my second round (on a Sunday morning walk) that I realised, "No, this isn't right. They have been dumped by some human," and I saw those crows sitting on the wire. The rest is, as they say, history. That started my rescue work.

As the kittens were growing up, Cow was always the one who would seek help. For example, he would walk (as a little kitten), all the way from the kitchen out to the living room to call for food when they were hungry. Pole was too busy trying to escape (and she did, from the plastic box, she heaved herself out, eyes still closed). Bunny was too ignorant and was always the last to attempt anything (and often failed). Like when he tried to crawl out, he fell down instead! Cow and Pole bullied Bunny!

Then, after 4 months, Tiger came, and after a brief period of rejecting Tiger, it was Cow who came forth and took Tiger under his wing.

Yes, Cow again.

So, we figured he missed out on his childhood and never got to be a kitten. And this is why he is the way he is now.

So, we let him be a child again now!

Good boy, Cow...

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Jasmine said...

Aww ... I love the photo of Cow being held so lovingly in your arms <3 He's one lucky boy!

Blessed indeed are the cats and dogs who have the great good fortune to have you as their mum and enjoy the good life as your pampered pets <3 Blessed indeed are all those who cross your path!

I'd love to be your cat if I'm ever born as one!