Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh no...where is Tabs??!!

Last night, it was red alert at Bunny's Place.

Tabs had gone missing and was no where to be found!

It started when daughter, Ming-Yi went into Bunny's Place and searched for Tabs. She could not find Tabs anywhere. She then alerted husband who quickly came to join the search. They searched everywhere (now, how big is Bunny's Place (room plus garden), right, called out her name, but she was no where to be found. Tiger seemed very concerned. The rest were...well, they were just there, not particularly worried, apparently.

I was already asleep, but I heard the faint shouting of Tabs' name, so I woke up and quickly came downstairs. By then, husband was on his way out of the house to hunt for Tabs.

I went into Bunny's Place and called out for Tabs.

After a few shout-outs, Tabs came prancing in wide cheetah-like leaps, almost like leaps of victory, from the end of the Clubhouse. She moved at lightning speed and leapt into the room within seconds.

The search was called off, of course.

I don't know what happened, but I suspect it was her masterpiece hide-and-seek-cum-ambush plan for us. You know how she just loves playing hide-and-seek with us and ambush us from behind the wall?

Well, this is her masterpiece!

We are just so glad there was no new escape hole in Bunny's Place! (To be sure, we checked the entire garden before going back to bed).

 Heh heh...I won! I won!! I outsmarted the humans!! Yippeee!!

 I was worried...

Meanwhile, today, the cats had a visitor...

It's rescuer and friend, Jessy Lian.

Would you know it, Cow was the most hospitable. He always is.

Indy seems to be saying, "Don't nobody touch my mat!" 

 Super manja...the misunderstood Cow.

 In all fairness, Cow has mellowed down a lot these days.

He just gets cranky once in a while and bites.

THIS is the new boss in Bunny's Place.

The invincible, unpredictable, undefeated...Indy Jones!

Guarded in his royal chambers.

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Chen said...

My cat likes to play these little tricky games too. When she thinks that her trick had worked, she'll give out a little "laugh" or "giggle" and prance around. She makes me go round in circles everyday :D