Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two proud owners, Pole and Tabs

Today, Pole is the proud owner of a new condominium.

 House-warming the ground floor first.

Third floor.

 I've given Pole Tabs' litter-box as it is smaller than the rest of my litter-boxes and it fits right in.

Pole also has a brand new matching green water bowl fixed to the bars so that it won't topple over.

 The 2nd floor is nice too.

 Pole has tried all the levels and she seems happy with it.

Many thanks to Cathy for going all the way to Puchong to get it for me.

As expected, the contractor did not turn up today as he could not get the polycarbonate to seal off the top of the sidegate and extend the height of the gate. So, Pole would have to be in her condo for the time being. I'll let her out under strict (no, VERY strict) supervision as I don't want to be fooled again this time!

The contractor, who has promised to come tomorrow, will also seal off the gap at the gutter.

 Meanwhile, Tabs also wished she had her own condo.

But Tabs, here's something else for you...

 Your very own cat-tree!

 Me loves the mousie!

I hope the condo will keep Pole safe and the the cat-tree will keep little Tabs occupied!

Aww...Tiger wants to play, too.


MS said...

Hi! May I know where did you get the cage, the size and how much it cost? I recently rescued 3 kittens (they are abt 2 mths old now) and their eyes are infected, and one of them has bad flu too. I thought it will be easier to keep them in a cage like this, so they won't wonder off... and get sick again. Thanks.

chankahyein said...

My friend got it for me. Pls write to me at for more details.

VIvien Lim said...

OMG pole got captured and confined! hehehee...

been following up about pole secret escape....
that the problem with cats......... they shift location
they roam and find it hard to come home.....

Jessy Lian said...

Does the cage come with a cardboard box? Usually I would keep those cardboard boxes for my cat to play. They like to hide & sleep inside, and scratch on it. But when Rocky (the cat that you said has Sylvester Stallone eyes) spray urine on it, the box will have to be disposed :( By the way, did Cow & Bunny spray urine in Bunny's place & their hang out room?

chankahyein said...

No cardboard box. No spraying so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Maybe (hopefully) in a new environs, with the litter box, they might change their habits.