Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pole is home, safe and sound (7.15pm)

No sooner had I written that previous post where I was resigned to the fact that maybe Pole did not wish to come home anymore (until she's had enough of her freedom) than I heard Pole mewing and the sound was very near this time.

I quickly rushed out and found Pole had jumped onto our next door neighbour's roof! That means she KNOWS how to get from the back neighbour to our next-door neighbour!

Hmm...all that pretending on the roof was not for real? Never mind, just come back, Pole.

This time I knew Pole wanted to come home, so I called her and reassured her we were all here to help her come home.

My husband had opened the upstairs window so that Pole could go up to the extended roof of the neighbour's, jump over to our extended roof and come through our window upstairs (the family hall).

Now, all that was left was to guide her on this route.

My husband quickly went upstairs to call her, to lead her on this route. I stayed downstairs to monitor to make sure she would take the route.

Pole got the idea, but wasn't quite sure of her steps. She tried the tiles gingerly, but some were loose so she was afraid.

Finally, she found some tiles strong enough and YES, she made her way up onto the extended roof, and from there, my husband kept calling her and I dashed upstairs.

 From the neighbour's roof to our roof!

Pole is back, Pole is back!!

It was a moment that all the money in the world would never be able to buy. I wanted to reward Pole so instead of bringing her downstairs to Bunny's Place again (which she obviously isn't too happy with), I thought I'd put her in our bedroom for awhile while I catch my breath, breathe normally again and figure out what next to do.

 So we quickly closed all the windows and put Pole in the room.


 And I brought a whole fresh can of Natural Balance up for her.

 Pole was VERY hungry.

 She didn't drink any water, but this is canned food, so it has ample water in it.



For now, for everyone's sanity (including Cow's), I've weighed my options and have decided to put Pole in the cage for her safety first. We initially thought we'd let her roam the front garden and be a free spirit, but what the psychic said bothered me, that Pole is actually attempting to go back to our old house since she does not regard this new house as her house. He said I need to confine her for a much longer period until she understands this.

Even at our old house, she never stayed home. She only came home to eat and to seek shelter from the rain. At other times, she would be at the neighbour's porch. Not one particular neighbour, but she alternated between a few cat-friendly neighbours, at her whim and fancy.

So in that sense, Pole had never regarded our home as her home. Our home was more of a restaurant (canteen?) and a shelter from the rain.

Coming from that, I can empathise how confusing this move must be for her. Poor Pole.

And poor me, too....for not being able to fully understand Pole.

 But Pole, you'd have to be in the cage for now, until I regain my composure, can think straight and figure something out.

Cathy is going to help me buy a 3-tiered cage for Pole. That'll be the first step, and I think this is necessary for everyone's sanity.

The contractor has not come back to re-do the sidegate. He still owes me the cat-grille for this room. I would want the piece of perspex fixed onto the sidegate all the way up, maybe extending the gate to 10 feet of smooth, clear plastic which I hope Pole cannot climb on.

Everyone else was asleep when I finally brought Pole down from my bedroom to Bunny's Room, so there was no home-coming celebration here. Well, everyone except little Tabs, who was still busy playing some little game of her own.

 Here's little Tabs accompanying Pole.

My husband thinks caging Pole isn't such a bad thing as she feels safe in the cage. She actually doesn't protest THAT much (a little yes, but not violently) and she'd settle down and sleep peacefully since she knows nobody can disturb her and she is safe in the cage.

So, yes, the 3-tiered cage would be the next step.

I want to thank Cathy for spending her entire afternoon helping me search for Pole, and sharing all my frustrations in trying to get Pole down from the roof, and helping me with all sorts of creative ideas on how to get Pole back.

Thank you, Angie, my friend who did reiki and communicated to Pole to come back to me and not to attempt to go back to the old house or she might get killed on the road. I believed this really helped as shortly after that, Pole kept appearing on the roof. Before that, we thought Pole was already on the hazardous sure-to-die journey back to SS19.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind messages, comments, suggestions, prayers and positive vibrations. Pole would not be back here now, if not for everyone's help and positive energy.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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Thank God Pole is back in 1 piece, safe and sound. Be good girl Pole. This is your new home. You will stay here with your family. Don't let your Mom worried about you. She loves you so much, so must you.

BK said...

Hi Dr Chan

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