Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pole is happy in condo and other news

This morning, when I opened the backdoor, Pole was looking quite happy in her condo. I had prepared myself for the worst, ie. she had figured out a way to open the latch and has escaped again! But no, my preparation for the worst possible scenario was unfounded...phew!

She actually looked pretty happy in it.

Everyone had breakfast around the condo, and Pole had hers inside (an honoured privilege!).

Then, when Tabs went near the condo to nose around, poor little Tabs got hissed at by Pole (Don't come near, this is MINE!).

I HOPE the contractor will come today and we can Pole-proof the entire Bunny's Place by this evening. Actually, it needs Cleo-proofing as well. Cleo knows that gutter gap, yet she has not attempted. Maybe she's a bit too big to squeeze through.

Meanwhile, Tabs need to be vaccinated already.

And I think Indy is having his limping problem again. I was really worried yesterday. His newly acquired habit of sleeping all the time was probably due to the fact that he could not walk very well and not because he is so contented with the new place (as I had previously thought). There's definitely something wrong with his hind legs again. Sigh...poor Indy. I wonder what is wrong.

The last time (the BIG case) started with limping too. Then, after 2 days, it just escalated to a huge problem which baffled two senior vets. The only consolation is that Indy is eating and quite well, too. But he just doesn't want to move. I have to bring his food to him, or carry him to the pantry for his meals. Then, he quickly goes back to lie down.

It'll be off to the vet's again today, after work.


Eli said...

Hi Dr, double secure the cage door with a wire or rubber band. My rabbit has managed to unlock those cages numerous times. Glad to hear that Pole likes her new bungalow!

chankahyein said...

Thanks, Eli. This door has a double latch - normal latch and a lift-latch!