Friday, January 13, 2012

Indy's urine test results

This morning after work, I went straight to the clinic to get Indy's urine test results.

The urinalysis shows the presence of protein and leucocytes which suggests that Indy has an infection.

One of the procedures would be to start Indy on antibiotics, but which one?  He already has a proven record of adverse reaction towards oral antibiotics.

And the next question is, what is the cause of his infection?

Is it toxoplasmosis?

The blood test (thanks to the information from Jessy Lian) is available at a clinic in Cheras. My vet has contacted the clinic and that test is an antibody test and not an antigen test. If Indy is tested positive for toxoplasmosis antibodies, it just shows that he has the antibodies for the diseases, which would in turn suggest that he could have had the disease sometime ago (and may not have it now) or he could be having the disease now. Will this warrant the use of Clindamycin (the recommended antibiotics for toxoplasmosis)?

I have two options now:

1. Wait and see, since Indy is still eating and has no fever. If he gets worse, the test may be appropriate and justified.

2. Do the test, but Indy would have to be brought to the clinic in Cheras, which is very stressful for him.

I consulted another vet for advice this evening and he does not think it is toxoplasmosis. He thinks the limping is caused by some neurological dysfunction. So, the supplements I'm now giving, particularly Neurobion and Denzo, would be appropriate.

I will wait for tomorrow and see how Indy is.

Please pray Indy's body will "sort itself out" again and this time, more permanently.

I'm hoping this is not a serious condition, which is brought on because of the change of environment and the stress.



cindy said...

Acupuncture to strengthen his immune system?


chankahyein said...

No slot available until next Thursday, even then, have to exchange with another patient.