Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"I see you, but I don't want to come home...yet"

At 6.45pm:

Nothing could entice her to come to us. Not food, not Tabs' feather toy, nothing. She just sat there, looking at us, and after a few minutes, retired to the niche in the roof.

My husband says Pole is a free spirit and does not like being confined. She has now found a place where she can be free and away from all the other cats, and she likes it there.

She might come down when she is hungry, or maybe she won't, I don't know.

It's been 8 hours of frustration (before spotting her), 6 hours of hope (after spotting her), 6 hours of being "so near yet so far", and it's very tiring.

Each time, she was just centimetres away from my husband, so near, but would change her mind and turn away. Maybe she is afraid of being caged and confined again. A sort of "enough is enough, I want to be free" kind of attitude.

Maybe the psychic is right in saying she doesn't feel "at home" in this new place. Her home is not being confined but being free. Even in the old house, she was a free spirit. She never stayed home unless it rained heavily. At other times, she would be out on the street or in a neighbour's porch (her choice) and only came back for food.

She had a heavy breakfast this morning, so I guess it would be sometime before she gets hungry again.

Meanwhile, all I can do is to pray that Pole is safe, happy and not hungry or dehydrated.


RK said...

Will you cage her again if she come back to the house?
May be if you tell her that u not going cage her anymore and she read your mind, she then feel good & willing to come down?

Chen said...

Offer her water? If she's thirsty, she may not want food. And after her home-coming, maybe leave some of boxes/basket/carriers around in the cats area for her to hide and snuggle and to escape from the stress of having to live with other cats all the time? Like a mini escapade retreat in the garden?

chankahyein said...

I think I'll have to cage her or she would escape again and give me another nightmare. I've probably lost a years off my life today, with this nightmare and stress!

Connie said...

Pole is a very determined cat! Don't worry, she will come home once hungry.
Looks like she is going to camp out tonight...counting how many stars on the sky.

Be safe on the roof ya Pole! Come home soon.

cindy said...

Hello KY,

I think the title of this post is correct ... she is not ready to come home yet. The more you try to get her, the more she is going to resists. I understand is very scary and frustrating, but hang-in there. At least you know where she is at the moment. Don't scare her away. POSITIVE thinking ...

Are you still suppose to cage her? I would not personally. Perhaps a room of her own? Temporary while you are still super-busy? Since I do not understand/follow the whole stories of why Pole is not comfortable at home ... conflict with COW. I have the same situation at home with a monthe-son team, and Sushi who joined the family only a year ago. I generally let them sort their differences out. Only if they fight then I would see who started first, and span or scold or tap on the head of the guilty (depends on how stressed I am at that moment). Much the same as I would be with children. Cats understand. They are smart.

I treat cats/animals the same as human. Some become best of friends, others enemies. Only when they become impossible I would do something.

Pole will come home. Put her in a an empty room where there is more space. To me a cage is always such a horrible place to be. I would run away too.