Friday, January 20, 2012

Indy's starts acupuncture again...

Today was Indy's acupuncture with Dr Susanna.

Indy went first...followed by Bobby, who objected a bit, then didn't quite know what was going on (like, oh well, do what you must....).

 The easy one.

 The moment Indy was done and put into the carrier for the 25 mins, he pulled one needle out with his teeth.

Tabs kept him company and wouldn't have minded if she had a needle or two. The girl is completely adorable.

Dr Susanna says Indy is very anaemic. Today, she did his spleen and kidneys again. I've consulted my vet and he said we could do a pin-prick to draw some blood and test Indy's red blood count. Meanwhile, I'll pump him with home-cooked food with more protein to address the muscle wastage.

 Indy sitting out in the sun after the treatment.

If Indy walks out from his cushion by himself, I throw a party to celebrate. He hasn't been walking at all. I carry him out to eat and to pee and poo every day.

 Am starting Indy on Stemtech today.
We don't know what else to do for him already. Hopefully, the stemcells would work to repair whatever is wrong inside.

Yesterday, Lydia taught me how to do physiotherapy for animals - it's called the T-Touch. For Indy, it is exercising the limbs to build muscle. I could also bring Indy out to the sun and make him walk back several times a day. He has to exercise to prevent more muscle wastage.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

Hi Dr Chan,

Glad to know that Indy's getting better. I was wondering whether the Stemtech that you have given him is for human consumption or for animal consumption? And where would one be able to purchase it from? My cat Olie's xray came up with the left lung collapsed. His chesty cough may be due to this condition and he is on Theophylline for 8 days. I am also putting him on VetriDMG as well. After that, we will have to see any improvement or not. So i was thinking whether the Stemtech will help his health in general or not.

chankahyein said...

Hi Yoke Mei,
The StemTech is for both humans and animals. Sunshine was on it and I believed it helped a lot. I'm sure you know what stemcells do - they repair whatever damage there is, as far they can.
I got mine from a friend. If you'd like to try a bottle, pls write to me at and I'll give you his contact.