Friday, January 13, 2012

Pole's polycarbonate - done!

 This morning, Pole made another attempt to escape through the gutter-gap.
 But this time, we had hung clothes on the clothes line so she could not get a good foothold.
 I'm learning.

 Pole looks at the cat-grille but somehow, she decides not to try.
I'm sure this is absolutely chicken-feed for her.
 Not trying, Pole?
 The contractor did not turn up yesterday, so I called him again today. He said he'd be coming in the morning. I cancelled all my plans just to wait for him.
 Pole, Pole...

 Tabs follows closely, hoping to learn a trick or two.
Finally, at almost 1pm, the contractors arrived.
At long last...
 It took them quite sometime to put up the polycarbonate sheet.
 Hang on, Pole. This is all for you.
 After almost an hour, it's up.
The contractors left and I let Pole out.
Time for the acid test.
 You can't really see the polycarbonate unless you stand near enough.
That way, it's not so unsightly.
 It's screwed onto the grille. But the top is rather flimsy. The contractor had wanted to do a frame, but I don't think it would be necessary. It would be very ugly too.
 The cat-netting on the kitchen windows and door was done yesterday. It's actually aluminium mosquito netting. how, Pole?
 She examines the new contraption, and seems to know it's futile to even try.
I tell you, this is one smart girl we are dealing with here.
 Cow is still eyeing the gap.
 Pole surveys from various angles to examine all possibilities.
 I suppose she is now thinking of scaling the netting. That would be one mean task.
 But one of my vets said her grandma's cats actually scaled the cat-fence (like mine) and escaped.
 No way, Pole? 
 Mother and daughter eyeing the outside world.
 You think we can ever go out, mum?
You bet. Just give me sometime to work something out.
 For now, I'll be good.
But the game isn't over yet.
Just wait and see...
I sure hope and pray you are wrong, Pole!!
I just spent RM550 on this polycarbonate Pole-proofing plus the gutter-gap proofing,
PLEASE tell me you're wrong, Pole!
My plan now is to let Pole be free whenever I am home. With this polycarbonate-Pole-proofing, at least I can do my work and chores without having to supervise Pole closely. But when I go out, I'd still keep her back in her condo, to be on the safe side.
What do you think?
 An hour after the acid test, Pole decides she'll take a nap first.
And so does Tiger!
Everyone has been quite envious of Pole's private condo and I'll bet they wish they had one too!

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