Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A typical after-dinner sojourn

 This is a typical scene you'd see after dinner every night...leading the way to the Stargate would be Cleo, followed by Bunny and Cow.

 Pole had been REALLY well-behaved all afternoon. I let her out after I came back from work until dinnertime. She made no attempts to escape. Not even once. Why, she just napped on the catshelf, very contentedly. I wonder if I may assume that she won't be making another escape attempt?  Guess not. The contractor did not come again....

 Tabs is very happy on the chair.

I call this are the cats' Clubhouse.

 There has been no improvement and no deterioration on Indy's condition. He still eats very heartily and pees and poos. But he refrains from walking. Tomorrow, I'm taking him for a bloodtest for toxoplasmosis. On Thursday, he is getting acupuncture done.

Every day, I carry Indy out to eat and for some sun and grass. I can see he tries not to walk. It must be painful for him.

 Bobby is....well, Bobby.

Being in a new place has not affected him as badly as I thought it would. After all, he cannot see or hear, so it is all about adjusting and finding his way around, whether he is here or back at the old house, he still bumps into everywhere. For his meals, he still needs a cat to guide him to his food bowl. At night, I carry him upstairs as he just cannot handle the staircase at all.

Tiger...getting a good stretch!

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