Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On the homefront

And what has been happening at home?

 Tabby Inc. share a chair.

So cute, right?

 On guard duty.

 Duty shift.

 Senior guard uses toilet.

A bit of disturbing news, though, Cow has begun spraying in Bunny's Room and I'm trying very hard to stop it. Sigh, wish me luck! Bunny hasn't started spraying yet, but if I cannot get it under control, Bunny will. Was so happy in the first 3 weeks when there was no spraying nonsense at all.

The quick white Pole jumps over the cat-grille all the time for time-out. She just needs it, but so far, she hasn't gone far and she always comes back. Yesterday afternoon, she soundlessly jumped out of the cat-grille and disappeared for about half an hour. I searched everywhere but she could not be found. Pole must be gone to town, so to speak! Then, she came back and stood at the Stargate, asking to be let in! When my husband is in, she watches TV with him.

 Been feeding Indy raw liver with the hope of alleviating his anaemic condition. But clinically, Indy seems fine to me.

And oh, yesterday, we had a visitor on the "outskirts".

It was Mr Gorilla's friend and he even looks like Mr Gorilla and comes from the same house.

He's ginger, and so maybe, we could call him Mr Ginrilla.

 That's him.

You think he's not big?

He is.

 I was so afraid he'll fall through the net. He literally cut corners when making this turn and stepped ON the netting.

 He's big, right?

 Mr Ginrilla....

 ....making his rounds.

 Everyone was on Red Alert when Mr Ginrilla appeared.

There had been several stand-offs at the Stargate between Cow (even Cleo) and Mr Gorilla. The latter comes to our front lawn and completely tramples over our little rock garden. Sobs... So, now, we've put the remaining of the Cat-Mat ON the wild orchids with the hope that it would deter Mr Gorilla from trampling on it.

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