Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo updates of the Sunnies!!

Here are some photo updates of three of my favourite cats - the Sunnies!!

From Rozita:


 Rex, my boy!

 Foxie, the pretty one.

Rozita says they are going in for spay-neuter soon.

 Aww...Rozita specially sent this one for me, knowing I've always had a soft spot for Rex.

Rex, Rex, Rex!!

Thank you, Rozita, for taking such good care of them!

These photos are the best CNY angpow ever!


Chen said...

OMG! Sunnies .... !!! Looking gorgeous. By the way Rozita, I still have your Tupperware. :)

Nandhini said...

They look great! Hahaha still remember how they looked when they first came to your place kah yein:) it's really find adopters like you rozita

BoBo Salem said...

they all look great!!!
beautiful kitties

Jasmine Ong said...

They are getting some much tender loving care from Rozita and they are beautiful cats :) I think Rex is really adorable !