Monday, December 12, 2011

The aftermath of yesterday's Cow-Bunny War

The sounds of Bunny vomiting on the foot of my bed woke me up this morning. However, it did not really look very serious. It wasn't food, but just a small quantity of a slightly yellowish liquid. I felt his body and it wasn't particularly warm.

I came downstairs and Bunny ate his usual raw chicken. In fact, he asked for more.

Cow was in the living room (I let him in last night, after about an hour of solitary confinement in Mac's place), and he too walked towards the kitchen but I noticed a limp on him. Upon checking, there were no visible injuries.

Cow did not eat. But he still took Bobby to his food bowl.

Cow sitting on the piano stool looking at everyone else eating.

Grooming himself.

Bunny, after breakfast.

He's sitting on the favourite chair, which usually means he doesn't feel too well. This is Bobby's chair but he allows the cats on sit on it if they are unwell.

I'll see how Bunny is later when the clinic opens.




wee said...

Get well soon Bunny :)

BlackieAsh said...

Bunny is so chubby in last pic :-) Get well soon and no more fight ok