Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bunny limps...

Gosh, could it be the calicivirus?

Bunny went out this morning, after breakfast and I later found him under a car.

With Bunny, it may be easier as he loves food.

So, I brought some Fussie Cat out and put it next to him (he was within reach, but he's so heavy, I don't think I can drag him out).

Out came the Bunnyphant....and I let him eat up all the Fussie Cat before gently grabbing him.

He complained a bit, of course.

Inside the house, I let him go and that's when I noticed he was limping in the back leg.

Oh no...

Indy starting with a back limp too. And the nightmare ensued after that.

Is Bunny limping because of the same ailment or is it because The Sheikh had been sleeping too much on the bed and not moving much?

Will have to address that later.  I gave him some more food and plopped the last Neurobion into his mouth.  Neurobion is for nerves, and it's Vit B1 and B12. So there's no harm there.

Time to send Indy to the vet's...

I'm getting used to this routine now.  It is what I have to do and I shall do it.

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