Friday, December 23, 2011

Bunny and Tabs go to the vet's

I'm really becoming a permanent feature at the vet's these days, aren't I?

So, Bunny and Tabs went to the vet's. Bunny with his non-stop orchestra, and Tabs, would you know it, was feverishly scratching at the carrier latch to let herself out. Poor thing...

 Bunny, complaining all the way.

 Tabs, determined to get out.

 Bunny is definitely limping on his back leg. And he has a temperature of 39.5 degrees, which is a low-grade fever.

"Why are your cats suddenly getting sick? You never had problems before...", the vet asks. I really don't know, Dr, I sighed. Then the vet said maybe it's all the packing and the plans to move. They probably sensed it and feel insecure. Immunity drops and they get sick.

Also, maybe this is all due to a virus, and they got it easily because their immune system is down.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

The plan for Bunny is actually just to observe him. If it's just a low-grade fever, the vet would prefer that I just stick with Vetri DMG and let his body sort itself out. I could also give him Neurobion to help with the limping.

If Bunny still does not improve, we can start him on RetroMAD1.

We then put Bunny back into the cage and checked Tabs.

 Tabs was busy checking out the microscope.

Now, Tabs is at least 6 months old (already has permanent teeth) and it's very likely she is on heat now as demonstrated by all the actions when certain parts are stroked. She has a slightly dislocated right back leg as she too is limping (goodness there a limping outbreak in my colony?). But this may be due to an old injury which has taken care of itself OR that's just the way Tabs walks (in my vet's words - Like a cowboy).

Her temperature is slightly high too (39.3 degrees) but it could be due to all her excitement. She was quite stressed in the carrier, asking to get out.

But the thermometer had some soft faces with a tinge of blood, which may be due to colitis, so she needs to be dewormed on top of the Advocate which I was already going to give. Yes, Maneki - you are right! How dense could I have been when I myself keep telling people to deworm their animals when first rescued.

So, Tabs was dewormed.

I need to watch her stools as she may have diarrhoea next.

Plans for Tabs:

1. Controlled diet - small amounts.

2. Steamed chicken (if there is diarrhoea).

3. Treatment (if diarrhoea is bad).

I wanted to get Tabs spayed tomorrow, but the clinic is short-handed. So the earlier I could get is Tuesday. Since she is on heat, I'll have to confine her as she would be looking to mate. And the neighbourhood tomcats may not be neutered (they have owners).

The vet said Tabs is beautiful and is mixed with some purebred because of the shape of her face (it's round).

Also, the vet said Tabs is VERY alpha and will bite unless she is disciplined. She's very confident as well.

Me discipline animals??

I'm hopeless at that, so I'd leave it with the ex-military pilot to do that (ie. my husband).

The vet examined Bunny again and took his temperature. Yups, it's 39.4 degrees. That's definitely a low-grade fever. Would need to watch him for the next few days. As always, the gauge is - is the animal still eating? If yes, it isn't so worrisome though a fever is also a cause for concern.

So I came back and set up the cage for Tabs with a litter box. I also "Advocated" her. And now, I'll have to buy another pack as they come in threes and I have SEVEN cats to Advocate every month now.

When I put Tabs into the cage, she complained till no end, scaled the cage like a monkey and attempted to pick the lock!!

Here we go...(wish me luck!). Tabs is bullying me now?

The only reason I've delayed bringing Tabs for a check-up was I had mistakenly thought she was the new neighbour's cat! That'll teach me a good lesson in making assumptions!

Next trip to the vet's is this evening, for Indy's jab.

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