Monday, December 12, 2011

Bunny Cow

I knew something was not quite right with Bunny.

This evening, Bunny had just finished eating and he was on his way upstairs when out of the blue, Cow suddenly got up, dashed up the stairs and before we could even shout, there were loud feline war-cries on the stairs and tufts of "white feathers" (it's actually cat fur, but we call it "feathers") came flying down the stairs.

In those few moments, I rushed to the stairs and both of them had come down. There was no time to get the water-spray, so I could only shout at Cow, and he scampered off to Mac's place at the back.

We caught hold of Bunny who was visibly shaken and scared, hence, he was growling. We tried to calm him and make him stay in the house, but he wanted to go out to the porch.

Outside on the porch, Bunny went under the car and stayed there. So I sat with him in the porch for sometime.

Meanwhile, I closed the kitchen windows so that Cow could remain in isolation in Mac's place and not come in to terrorise poor Bunny again.

I was really worried Bunny would run away.

A quick check to make sure Cow was okay. He's just under solitary confinement in Mac's place.

No injuries on him.  Obviously not, since Bunny is so mild-mannered and was the victim.

After awhile in the porch, I brought Bunny into the house and closed the windows. Of course, I had to give him a teeny weeny bit of food. Then, Bunny went upstairs and settled in the shrine room where he felt safer.

Soon, luckily Jia-Wen came home. Bunny has adopted Jia-Wen so Bunny feels closest to him.

Bunny went onto Jia-Wen's bed. That's usually where he would be whenever Jia-Wen is home.

Poor little Bunny.

He started grooming himself.


There were a few scratches on his nose and some on his body, but none severe enough to warrant using povidone iodine.

Only this one single wound bite had a bit of blood on it. I'll have to watch this to see if it escalates into a septic wound. Sigh...I guess Cow, being the alpha, would naturally attack any other cat who is defenseless. I'm quite sure Bunny wasn't feeling too well today. I've given him Vetri DMG twice already.



You can't see the scratches on his nose, but it's there.

Soon, Bunny fell asleep.

Cow is still in Mac's place. He hasn't moved an inch. I think (I hope!) he feels sorry for what he has done.


Jasmine Ong said...

Poor Bunny, luckily you were in to break up the fight and pacify him. Jia-Wen coming home soon to soothe him helped too. Bunny looks pretty settled in for the night on the comfortable bed :) Naughty Cow! I wonder what made him attacked Bunny but I guess pet cats do fight once in a while when they are in bad mood.

Peggy Quah said...

Oh so sorry to hear of the fight but we human do not understand their feline rule. My tiger (already spayed) has been agresive toward her own daughter (Tracy also spayed) for no rhyme and reason lately. They stay in my backyard and Tiger has chosen to go up the roof top across my lane so she can see when its feeding time and will come down. She fights with Tracy not during meal times but free time so I do not know wat to do as its just any time and by the time we go out to shout at them they are off.
Tiger was not like that before.

Huey said...

Aiyo poor Bunny!