Friday, December 23, 2011

38.6 - no more fever for Indy!

Great news today! Indy's temperature is 38.6 degrees. That's back to normal. There is no more fever!

His weight is maintained at 4kg this morning, which means there is no more weight loss since yesterday.

His appetite has improved a lot too - after the visit to the clinic, I started to force-feed him AD at home, but he licked it off my finger and soon, started eating straight from the can! And a lot, too!

However, there is still a "but". His eyes still look pale, so that still needs to be monitored.

But for now, everything is looking good and up!

Bunny is next...he is still lying on the bed all day, but is eating when offered food. He mewed a few times calling for me to go upstairs to see him. If only I understood cat language...

For Bunny, again, we do not know what is wrong. Maybe it's the same "treatment" then - keep him alive and well enough long enough for the body to sort itself out?

Maybe next time, that would be the function of medicine - to keep patients alive long enough for the body (often a reliable healer in itself) to sort itself out?

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