Monday, December 26, 2011

Another tabby?

This morning, we heard Tiger complaining in Mac's place at the back of the house...

 What's wrong, Tiger?

 Oh, there's a visitor in the back alley...

 It's a tabby and wears a blue collar.

 A blue collar with a bell, just like Tab's red collar with a bell.

My husband thought maybe it's Tabs' sibling or parent coming to look for her. But we couldn't risk taking Tabs out, especially when she has just been spayed.

 This time, Tiger was VERY unhappy with this new visitor even though it's a tabby.

Eventually, we could not intervene too much. Tiger went out and chased the blue-collared tabby all the way, down the alley.

 Meanwhile, I had dismantled Tabs' cage thinking she'd be alright, but NO, she was too boisterous for her own good, so we set up the cage again and here's the disciplinarian at work. Apparently, and I witnessed this myself, Tabs understands the command "SIT!", or was it just a coincidence?

 Looks like she does listen, after all.

 Time out to play - Tabs went berserk over the Ultraman! She hugged it and rolled around with it, but it was SO fast, I failed to catch it on camera.

 And I bought her a nice new ball too, but she wasn't too interested in it.

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