Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Indy has an infection

The urine tests results are out. There is the presence of protein and a large number of leucocytes in Indy's urine. These two results indicate that Indy has an infection.

The specific gravity (S.G.) of Indy's urine is only 1.02 (the normal reading should be 1.036). That has always been Indy's problem all this while - and this is why we suspect there is something not quite right with his kidneys.

The urine was really concentrated and dark-coloured, yet the S.G. is lower than normal. This indicates that the dark colour is pus.

Hence, the closest diagnosis we can arrive at at this point in time is a bladder infection.

So, I've started Indy on Baytril, the antibiotic prescribed by the vet this morning.

However, Indy's limping seems to be slightly higher up which may indicate his kidneys as well.

We can't be sure at this point so it's a wait-and-see situation now.

Hopefully, the antibiotic will kick in and Indy will get well.

This morning, I thought it might even be Calicivirus (what Tiger had last time, which no vet could cure, but it finally healed in less than a week after one session of acupuncture). That is why I've asked Dr Susanna for her earliest available housecall and I'll start Indy on it. With all these uncertainties, especially with regard to his kidneys, acupuncture would definitely do him some good.

Meanwhile, I've had a full afternoon of monitoring Indy's movements because he kept wanting to go out. He was so uncomfortable inside the house and confining him was causing him (and me!) a lot of stress.

So, I had to let him out onto the porch.

And monitor him closely.


He kept wanting to go out. I stopped him initially by carrying him back into the porch, but I figured perhaps he wanted to poo. And why is my netting all over the place? This is no thanks to the three obese cats (Cow, Bunny and Tiger) who refused to jump over the netting. They step ON it. We've fixed it, but the three would destroy it instantly.

I let Indy out since he wanted so much to go out, but under close supervision.

He just stood on the pavement to take a look down the road.

No poo. The trouble with Indy is that he doesn't want anyone to look when he poos.

And he went back in.

Good boy, Indy.

I later brought him in for his wetfood and then, his Neurobion and Denzo.

He just kept on wanting to go out to the porch, so again, I had to monitor him closely.
Bunny helped.

He still walks with a limp, something like a Sumo wrestler with the two back legs apart.


He finally settled under one of our cars. All the cars in the porch "belong" to Indy. His favourite place is the top of the car inside the porch, but since he could not jump up, he settled for underneath the car, I guess.

I knew I was going to camp out in the porch the whole afternoon, so I brought my work out to do. I had not eaten anything since dinner last night, so I quickly boiled two eggs. That would have to do for now.

Indy settled comfortably under my car on the driveway, and did the bodyguard.

Finally, at long last, the clinic called with the urine test results, and the vet said to start Indy on Baytril. I had to coax Indy out from under the car but he refused to budge. So I pulled him out amidst growling protests.

Indy spat out the Baytril. I know, it tastes terrible and most cats would salivate on it. Took me a few rounds before I successfully got the Baytril in. Indy bit me. Ouch, ouch!

I finally decided to put Indy back in his basket upstairs. He wouldn't have this basket any other way. It has to be placed on top of this pail of toys, and the basket is lined with books. He didn't want a towel. That's how he wants it.

So, that's my full day today, and tomorrow will be another day.

Please pray the Baytril will work and Indy's infection will clear soon.


Catherina said...

My prayer will always be with you Indy. Be good boy and get well soon. Take your med ok.
I noticed there was blood in Qing Qing's urine this morning and Dr said her urinary tract is infected too. She is now on antibiotic. She looks so uncomfortable and she pee every now and then but only a few drops of bloody urine came out. Hope she will be ok soon.

Connie said...

Dear Dr Chan,

I completely understand your worries (who wouldn't if ones child is not feeling well).

My prayers to Indy... Get well soon Indy & whatever sickness you having will go away the soonest.