Friday, December 23, 2011

39.3 and going down, I hope (Indy's temperature)

This evening, Indy went for his jab again and with bated breath, we took his temperature.

39.3 degrees!

Still considered low-grade fever, but it looks like his temperature is going down - Hooray!!

The hypothesis now is Indy may have contracted toxoplasmosis but his body weathered the storm and now, he is on the road to recovery. OR, it may have been a viral fever and the virus has run its course now.

Whatever it is, I'm just so glad Indy is recovering.

MY storm is long last.

Is Bunny's starting? I don't know, but for now, he is still eating and that's a good sign. If by next Tuesday, he gets worse, we'll start him on RetroMAD1.

Indy still needs to be force-fed, though.  He just ate a few pieces of kibbles just now and I force-fed him Evo wetfood, just for variety.

Now, Indy is asleep on my bed and Bunny on Jia-Wen's bed.

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