Monday, December 19, 2011

Could it be hairball?

CindyHoong shared this:
Hello KY,
Perhaps there is a blockage, due to hairball?

One of my cats, about 15 years ago, stop eating, had very high fever, not moving and just sit there. I cannot remember all the details, but nothing show up on x-ray or ultra sounds. Eventually he was operated and the vet found and removed a huge hair ball just near the esophagus. Nothing else. And he recovered (unfortunately in 2003 he die due to the same problem. This time due to negligence of another vet even after I told her that could be the possibilities. He die a very healthy cat and young).

PLEASE do ask the vet. I cannot remember if Whisky salivating. But he had diarrhea and vomiting, high fever, listless, and eventually just sit and not moving.


I just checked with my Subang vet, he too said he had done a post-mortem on a vet's cat and it turned out to be hairball. The vet had not considered this possibility as well.

Gosh, could we have overlooked this in Indy?

My vet said the Barium Meal (Barri Meal) would help in this case. That would be less risky than opening Indy up to check if it's a hairball problem.

I'm going to suggest this to the attending vets and see what they say.


Joy E. Saga said...

My Vet gave me oil (smells like Cod Liver oil) - 3mls given using a syringe in a day. I give it all at one shot. That will ease the passage so that if there's something blocking, it will pass out. You may need to give him for a few days. The 3mls a day was for my cat - for Indy, I'm not sure how much to give. You can check with your Vet ya.

For my long hair cat, I give her Laxapet once in a few days. It also helps her. Initially, her stools were always soft and pasty and her apetite low. Then I gave her that. She has gotten better.

There's a Vet in the USA specialising in cats, The Cat Practice - he may be able to offer advice. You could send him a message but I'm not sure if he will respond ya. No harm trying. This is the facebook link :

Get well Indy!

Huey said...

I hope Indy will be better soon. It's really frustrating and disheartening not being able to determine the real cause and do the necessary...

cindy said...

Hello KY,
Perhaps gives Indy a small dish with some vegetables oil? Just a tea-spoon or so. Make sure it just cover the plate. Too much oil on the dish, and if the cat licks it too quickly might cause choking. This generally helps preventing hair-ball. And if there is hairball, perhaps it would help to move it along? I hope anyway.

All my best. I know how stressful it is to have cat sicks. Especially when there is more than one.