Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking at Indy's blood test results

My daughter, Ming-Yi, had gone to the Subang clinic yesterday to look for Indy not knowing that Indy was warded in PJ. Anyway, she brought back Indy's blood test results and I'm looking at it now.

The Subang vet had told me by phone that it was all normal, and the results was faxed over to PJ as well, but some readings are out of the normal range, as I look at it now. Even the vet in PJ said they were normal except for the glucose reading, which was elevated.

I'll take the blood test results to the vet's today and see if I can get an interpretation. Some results may be out of the normal range, but this may be due to the fact that Indy had not eaten for more an 1 day and was already on medication when his blood was taken. And the other problem with Indy is his hypersensitivity. When stressed, I'm sure the readings will all go haywire.

When he was at the vet's on Friday, his temperature shot up to 40.5 degrees but at home it was 39.8.

How do you teach a cat to calm down?

Indy was slightly calmer at Dr Susanna's place. Maybe because we gave him time and Dr Susanna also said the room that she was using has good vibrations as all her cats and dogs liked to go in there, too. There wasn't much restraining at Dr Susanna's too since I only had to hold Indy down gently for the needles to be inserted. At the vet's there was much restraining and taking of blood, etc. That is traumatic for a cat who cannot be made to understand why all these invasive procedures are being done.

It is almost 6am now. Although Indy has never been a dominant figure in my cat colony, the house is unusually quiet. Everyone was in the kitchen for breakfast just now. Well, everyone except Bunny who was on the favourite chair. He has been getting breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed, I think he just expects to be served until he is completely well.

Tabs is not here. Maybe she has gone home.

Bunny, after breakfast in bed (on the chair, I mean).

I hear the jingling of a bell. Maybe Tabs is here now.


sillylupie said...

Indy ... my dear Indy!!
You must eat!

Sending healing vibes for Indy to be better soon!

sillylupie said...

Is it possible Indy ingested something he shouldn't?

I've seen similar signs with the alley cats I feed, normally I confine them for a few days with clean water, wet food ... they will be back to their normal self once the 'something' is out of their system.