Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poor little Tabs...

Ever since two days ago, Tabs has been very afraid of coming into the house and the compound. Cow & Cleo have been chasing her ever since that BIG pre-dawn fight upstairs.

This evening, I had to go get Pole back for dinner. We've been closing the windows because of Indy, so Pole had not been able to come home to eat.

I went down the road and found Pole. The furthest she goes would be the taximan's house. And guess who came trotting towards me?

Tabs, of course. She was so happy to see me and started following me.

But the moment I carried Pole up, she hissed at poor Tabs and Tabs was really afraid. She stopped following me.

I quickly brought Pole home and fed her first.

Then, I took a bowl, mixed some Go!, Natural Balance wetfood and kibbles and went out to look for Tabs.

I found Tabs at the dustbin of the taximan's house and she had scavenged a drumstick.

Poor thing...she was hungrily nibbling at the drumstick.

I let her nibble for awhile as that's natural food for her, which is good.

 Chewing a drumstick very hungrily.

 I let her chew for awhile since it's her acquisition and she was very proud of it (or, just very hungry).

Then, I enticed her with the bowl of food and lured her back to my house.

 She didn't dare enter, so I placed the bowl in front of my gate.

 She ate hungrily until...

 Cleo came...

 But I was there, and I kept talking to Cleo, hoping a fight would not ensue.

It did not, thank goodness. Cleo just watched Tabs eat.

 I opened the small gate to let Tabs in but she afraid at first.

 Finally she came in and Tiger came out to meet her.

 She was still hungry!
(In my kitchen now, eating again)

Finally asleep...

Poor Tabs, I don't think her owner feeds her at all.
(The owner only lives 3 doors away but I have not seen anyone from there looking for Tabs.)


Connie said...

Sigh! Wonder if the owner still remember poor Tabs :(

mas said...

poor tabs. the only thing that shows that she has an owner is the collar. can i suggest u to catnap the tabs when u move out?

Joy E. Saga said...

I'm truly worried. Is the owner ok? It's strange that the cat comes looking for you instead! I'm having morbid thoughts right now :p Perhaps you could just go over and ring the doorbell .... just in case. Horror stories are running through my head right now.

Another possibility - could Tabs be chased out of her home like Pole?

sillylupie said...

Joy, I wanted to laugh ... then again .... well, maybe just check if there are mails uncollected!

Sometimes cats can sense a 'cat slave' from miles away!!!

chankahyein said...

Hi Joy and Lupie, the human-owners 3 doors away (Tabs' owners) are very much alive and well. They claimed they lost a kitten shortly after moving in (this was not Tabs). I see them go in and out of their house quite a bit, and I haven't settled my own domestic cat problems yet, so Tabs' "citizenship" problem would have to wait a bit. Meanwhile, she is most welcome to eat and take shelter at our house. Welcomed by me, of course, but not Cow and Cleo.