Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Now, Indy is sick

Looks like it's 'tis the season for faling sick in my household.

I had noticed Indy being in his blue basket upstairs all day yesterday, but since I had been out and running around all day, I I thought I just happened to have found him in his basket or he was afraid because of the Cow-Bunny fight, so he decided he'd just stay put upstairs.  But things didn't look right when he did not come downstairs to eat in the evening, so I brought food up and he ate it all.

I still did not think he was sick as he did not feel particularly warm.

This morning, again, he did not come downstairs when it was breakfast time. He just sat in his basket looking at me, but he did not look sick at all.

So I carried him down and put him on his usual spot in the kitchen, and gave him food. Indy ate it all up. His appetite is totally normal.

That's when I realised he could not walk properly. He just shuffled his legs.

So I carried him upstairs to his basket again.

He is there now. He still doesn't look sick, but perhaps his leg is injured.

Looks like it's off to the vet's today when they open.

I hope it's nothing serious.

UPDATES at 8.00am - I'm really worried now if it is Indy's bladder or kidneys. Indy had a very severe bladder infection when he was rescued three years ago, from the drain. His bladder was full of green pus and his life hung by the thread for days after that. The vet reminds me often that that would have taken a toll on Indy's general health.  However, if it is the bladder or kidneys, Indy would not be eating, yet he ate last night and this morning. I know worry is a useless emotion, so I'm waiting for the clinic to open at 10am and I'll be there with Indy. If you are reading this, please pray for Indy to be well. 


Chen said...

Oh no! May all your human family and non-human family be well and healthy this holiday season.

Connie said...

Get well soon Indy!

Oh! Bunny & Cow too....

Joo Gyee said...

Hopefully nothing serious for Indy...prayer from Penang.