Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plump, chubby, portly, round, chunky, paunchy and PROSPEROUS!

It's Chinese New Year, folks, and it's all about prosperity and abundance!

Note that I have avoided the "F" word in the list of synonyms.

I meant F-A-T - the three-lettered "F" word.'s the angle. It isn't me!

They caught me at the wrong angle!!

P.S. Yes, it's actually the angle!! He isn't THIS rotund.


Akmar said...

Okkaayy...I got you..but seriously, Timmy looks like Jabba the Hut in that angle...hehehe!! ;)

Joy E. Saga said...

I think Timmy is a bit like me. Controlled food intake but still round. I only can loose weight if I discipline myself to do 1 hour cardio exercise (at least) daily. Maybe Timmy needs to do a bit of running.... :D My cats are also quite portly, but when I whip out their toys to chase (including me) ... they get that few minutes of exercise :D

Chen said...

Timmy!!!! We love you just the way you are! *sings Bruno Mars song*

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Oh my.... he's Obbeeeeeesssseeee....hahhahhaha. He really looks shockingly overweight from this angle. But it's actually good to slim them down, else, if they cross the line and become diabetic, things will get more complicated since they are on the streets most of the time.

jasmine ong said...

Chubby Timmy, this is a great shot of you :)

Timmy : "This looks like a good spot for rest. Wake me for food. My philosophy is - Take Life One Bite at a Time"