Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Cow-Zurik saga

Two days ago, after I had just come back from the Berjaya event, Cow sneaked out of the grille as we opened it and launched a full scale attack on a totally unsuspecting Mr Zurik.

It was an attack of titanic magnitude and was very frightening, to say the least.

My son had opened the grille to get out of the room when suddenly (and it has never happened before), Cow lunged from inside the room straight at poor Mr Zurik.

It all happened in a few seconds.

Hearing the ghastly war-cry, Mr Zurik ran and froze. He was too shocked and scared to even move.

My son quickly put on my house slippers (which was thick and well-protected) and pointed his slippered-foot right at Cow's face to block him from progressing further at the poor frozen-stiff Mr Zurik.

I grabbed a towel from the room, threw it over Cow and carried him, growling, into the room and quickly closed the grille.

It was over in a matter of not more than 1 minute.

There was a broken claw and some tufts of fur all around Mr Zurik and some drops of thick blood on the floor.

Mr Zurik was not bitten. It was Cow. I don't know what he did, but he must have been so angry that some tufts of fur had come off and even one claw had detached itself.

We saw drops of thick blood on the floor inside the room where Cow had walked on. The blood must have come from his detached claw.

Cleo sniffed at the blood while Cow just walked out to the pantry.

He was alright. Just angry.

That's Cow for you.

So one is not surprised why Tabs pleads to come out of Bunny's Place every day, or how she even survives daily. She avoids Cow & Bunny like the plague. Or, how Tiger has survived all these years. Luckily Indy is friends with Tabs and Tiger.


Poor Mr Zurik. Luckily, he got off unscathed. Just a little shocked.


A daily scene.


The PatioCats really don't realise what Titans can do. They still wish they could come into Bunny's Place.


The Titanic-3.


Let sleeping cats lie.


The crankiest of 'em all.

mini-PB240041 mini-PC170190Even the cranky one has to chill at times!


Juliana said...

A claw came off?! My gosh, Cow must have been really ticked off! My mind is boggled, can't imagine how a claw can detach itself.. Could it have snagged on something? The towel maybe? Do you have pictures of this mysterious detached claw of fury? ;)

chankahyein said...

Oh, we see detached claws quite often!

Joyce said...

Wow, How do you put up with this daily yowling, growling and high screams! How do you break up the fight? Has any of the fighting cat ever turned against you while you tried to break up the fight? Tips please!

Akmar said...

3rd pic from the bottom..cuteness personified..but in this case, looks can be deceiving...huhu!

chankahyein said...


chankahyein said...

"How do you put up?" - You just do it, because that's how they are and we cannot expect them to behave like humans. They are cats and they have cat issues to be settled in their own ways. You just try to prevent them getting injured or harmed.
"How do you break up a fight?" - As I write very often, use a water-gun or throw a towel over them to break the escalating concentration. Sometimes, you may need the water hose.
"Has any turned against you?" - Yes, Cow (because he is cranky). Just go get a tetanus jab if bitten. But play smart, don't expose your bare limbs near their jaws. I learnt it the hard way (and still have scars dating back years!).