Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guess who came for breakfast? Willy's back!!

This must be Willy's longest secret mission! He had been gone for more than two weeks now and I was resigned to the fact that his family (we just assume he has a home) had taken him away somewhere.

But this morning, as I started my car to get to work, an orange coloured cat came scuttling out from under my cat and it was....



Where have you been all this while, Willy??

(Of course it's a secret mission, so...shh!)


He looked a little thinner than before and his left ear had a bald patch. But other than that, he looked fine.

Bring out the food, bring out the food!

mini-20140218_075714 mini-20140218_075748

I had to go off to work so my husband monitored the breakfast session. Apparently, Willy ate a portion of his food and went off to hide in the drain after that.

Let's see if Willy comes back this evening for dinner.

That's the thing with community cats, especially those who are actually secret agents. They sometimes have to go off on secret missions and they cannot tell you about it.



Susan said...

aww... I miss Willy ^.^

Rebecca said...

Happy that hes back. my cat Eli too does the same and i sometimes wonder what secret mission He is off too :)

jasmine ong said...

Hi Willy, it is so nice to see you again and in between your secret work missions, you take some time off to come back and visit your mummy and her family. They miss you lots.