Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An orange intruder at midnight!

About ten minutes ago, I heard a cat-alert cry outside in the garden.

Who could it be? Usually, these sounds are made in Mr Zurik and Vincent's daily head-butting sessions, but Mr Zurik had been and still was on the table with me at the sewing machine all night.


I looked out at the patio. Timmy was sitting nonchalantly on the patio chair with Daffodil nearby.

There's nothing out there.

But the whining wouldn't stop, so I decided to go out to have a look.

I opened the grille to the patio and found Ginger stalking something at the pandan bush. Timmy was still on his chair, but got down when I came out.

By then, the whining had gone on for quite long.


I looked hard into the pandan bush but couldn't see anything at all.


Mr Zurik came to help too.

I was afraid it might be "some other animal", so I thought I should use the hose and spray water in that direction.


And that's what I did.

The "other animal" came out alright....


It was a skinny looking ginger cat!


Okay, not so skinny, after all.


The ginger cat hissed at Mr Zurik.

It looks like it's a colour-coded affair again. Since it's a ginger intruder, it would be Ginger and Timmy's duty to confront the intruder and tackle the problem?

But Ginger, being who he is, didn't exactly know what to do, so Mr Zurik, our seasoned KGB-agent, decided to break protocol and take matters into his own paws, so he let out a growl and chased the ginger cat out to the porch.

The ginger one ran.


It was triumphant moment for Mr Zurik...this time.

After that saga with Cow, I guess Mr Zurik needed this victory to restore his confidence.


And throughout the entire episode, Vincent didn't even lift a claw to help. He just sat on his table and observed.

Guess it was too trivial for our Jedi warrior?


Timmy was still checking under the vegetable pots for more intruders.

After all, the vegetable garden IS Timmy's territory and he had failed to guard it.

I helped by spraying water, but I was very sure there won't be another animal coming out this time!


Indy watched the entire episode from the Stargate.

I could have settled that single-handedly in a blink of an eye and that skinny scallywag wouldn't ever dare come within 3 houses from ours ever again!


A triumphant Mr Zurik came back with his head held high, received by Daffodil (near the bench).

Rosie must have gone socialising with her line-dancing friends again.


Timmy went back into his cage.


Then, Mr Zurik confronted Ginger inside the house.

By the looks on Ginger's face and looking at his ears, I could almost hear Mr Zurik say: "You didn't do too well, Ginger...you need to attend our training tomorrow. We tabbies can help you, but really, you must learn to fight your own orange battles too."


What training? 

mini-P2250602 mini-P2250605The girls weren't too interested in tonight's affair, of course.

mini-P2250580Pole slept through it all!

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