Friday, February 14, 2014

Timmy tips the scales at....(you'll be surprised!)

Timmy requested that I write this post, in his defense. Apparently, he checked our Facebook page and found that 250 people (and still counting!) had read the post entitled "Plump, chubby, portly...." and he wants to defend himself.

This one:

So he requested that I take these photos of him...with him posing at a more "accurate" angle, you know....


See? It was the angle. I'm not really "plump or chubby or portly or even round"...


It was the angle, I tell you...


I swear I'm not any rounder than, say...Vincent here.


Or even Rosie.


Okay, okay, let the scales speak for me. Weigh me! Go ahead, weigh me!

I did. I carried the rotund (oops!) one, I mean, Timmy, and weighed us both and then subtracted my weight.

Guess what, based on this bathroom scales (which I know, isn't exactly accurate up to the second decimal place), Timmy weighed no more than 6kg.


Yes, really.

I did it twice too.

Timmy weighs no more than 6kg.


I told you!!
I told you!!
I told you!!

I am NOT plump. I told you so!!

And then, it was dinner time, so I prepared their food in the kitchen.


Hey!!! Stop it, you two! That's everyone's share!!


Heidi likes to dine alone in the kitchen.

She isn't much into socialising.

So I scooped her a small bowl and took the big bowl out to the patio.



After 15 seconds...


Slurp...I'm done!


I don't suppose I'm getting seconds, am I?


Normally, Daffodil is the last to finish so Timmy has to wait until she finishes before he is let out.


So I'm sitting patiently here in the cage waiting for you two to finish your meal. Tell this a form of abuse? Making me watch two cats eat while my bowl is empty. Hmmph!!


Hurry up, you two, will ya?

mini-P2130565 mini-P2130567

I'm just sitting here in my red litter box minding my own business. 


After 10 minutes or so...


Can you two hurry up already? 

I'm growing old just sitting here waiting for you two....


After 15 minutes or so...


I think I've already grown a beard...




You can come out now, Timmy...


Just so you know, I'm not coming out. 

I know there are some leftovers in that bowl over there, but aha...I'm not coming out.

What? You think I'm desperate or something?

Wait...who's that calling me plump, chubby, round and all that? Who's that calling me greedy? 

There's food in that bowl, and I'm sitting in my cage with the door wide open. So, who is greedy, eh? 


By the way, Timmy climbs UP these carriers every morning, pushes open the kitchen window and..


...comes through the window to "watch" me preparing breakfast.

mini-PC030115 WHO says I don't exercise, right?

I climb that stack of carriers every morning without toppling them over sometimes, you know. Hey, that calls for precision climbing and good control of muscles. Great exercise, you know. You should try it too.

As Aunty Joy says, we are disciplined eaters and we exercise, but we are just round. It takes all kinds to make the world, you know. I'm just different, that's all. 

Think Sammo Hung, folks. Try calling him plump, paunchy, rotund and all that jazz... 


Now, HE is my new hero. No more Timothy Dalton, man. I'm going for real kung fu here. 

I'm round and happy. That's just the way I am.


Happy Days are Here Again,
The Skies Above are Clear Again,
Let us Sing a Song of Cheer Again,
Happy Days...are...Here...Again!!!

Timmy lives in the moment and that is why he is a happy cat!!


Rebecca said...

What wet food do you give your cat. i have a cat, she will be14 in May and she is so picky with her food.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

i thought the ideal weight for a cat is around 4kg? Timmy boy, u sure just under 6kg is ok? What did the Vet tell you? :p :) Hahhahahhaa

Khalifa said...

Dr baby is 7.4kg! I dont know wht to do...she is already eating RC for obesity cats...but her weight never reduce...and she's now 10yrs far my vet said she's healthy but in future....????

chankahyein said...

Hi Rebecca, Currently, I give them Monge, LeChat and Natural Balance. I'm weaning them off Natural Balance and going to give them Monge only. LeChat is for the gravy, the occasional treat.

chankahyein said...

Yes, all the vets use the 4kg as a standard, but even Tabs is 4.5kg (the last time we weighed her). And Bunny was 6.5kg (the last time we weighed him!), so Timmy tipping the scales at 6kg was a surprise. I thought he would be at least 7kg, no less. He feels so much heavier than Bunny or Tiger.

chankahyein said...

Oh about the Hara Hachi Bu Diet? Reducing 20% gradually. Please consult your vet first.

Chen said...

He feels heavier because he's floppy!!!

Dayana said...

how much is the monge? and do you feed 1 cat 1 can?

chankahyein said...

Hi Dayana, You can check out the price at your local petstore. We also sell it, but only for bulk orders: For more information, please write to me at

Mary Soh said...

Maybe it's cos Timmy's bones are smaller than the rest; so he isn't as heavy as expected. Size (width) may not always be accurate. :)