Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heidi, the kitchen-cat

It's confirmed, Heidi is our kitchen-cat.

Even on the very first day that she came, she had already made a beeline for the kitchen and stayed there. Now, she is firmly established as our kitchen-cat.

Here are photos taken over a day:


After breakfast.


At mid-morning.


At lunch time.


Shortly after lunch.

But she does have some activities too. When I come home from work and goes upstairs to take a bath, Heidi will accompany me and wait for me outside the bathroom door. She's pretty much like...a dog!

mini-P2130541 (2)

And she also likes to sleep in between the kitchen stools, for a change.


But her favourite spot is still here, by the water dispenser. We've called this spot "Heidi's Corner" now.

mini-P2130542 (2)

If there is rain or thunder, she prefer to have a "roof" over her head.


You want a drink, ask me.


I'm in charge here.


Or, she would go to Bunny's Grille and stare at the sentry stationed there, who is usually Indy.


Dinner time is preferably in isolation, or with Tabs.


Heidi bears a remarkable resemblance in character and physical attributes to Vixey. She really reminds me of her. Sometimes, I even mistakenly call her "Vixey". The main difference is that Vixey was black and Heidi is a tabby. But size-wise and character, they are so similar!

Heidi is an elderly cat who waited for me at our gate one morning last year. We strongly suspect she is an abandoned pet as she is already spayed (doesn't come on heat at all), has barely any teeth left (a sign of neglect) and she came with a hernia (which the vet advised to leave and monitor). The first week after she came, there was pain where the hernia was, but since then, it has seemed to be alright. The vet said to leave well enough alone.

If you'd like to adopt an animal, do consider adopting an elderly animal. They are the ones often neglected because they are no longer cute. Well, not true...Heidi is still very cute!

There are many benefits of adopting elderly animals:

Some shelters also have a policy of putting down elderly animals as they are deemed unrehomable. So, please do consider adopting an older animal - you'd really be saving a life.

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