Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tabby infiltration at early dawn

There was the sound of feline war-cries at 5am this morning. I was up early today so I thought I should check and stop the noise.

From the sounds of the cries, it wasn't the usual Vincent-Zurik aggression. How I know, I really don't know, but it sounded different.

So I opened the door and no, there was no horse in my porch (!) - but I saw Vincent, Rosie and Daffodil on the alert with Vincent and Rosie seeking refuge on top of the car. They looked at me and said, "No, we are not involved". Daffodil came out of hiding from under the car.

Vincent is not involved??

I saw a smallish cat ("smallish" only in comparison with the likes of Timmy, Bunny and Cow) run out from the porch. I followed the smallish cat until the gate. was the new grey tabby!

The tabby (who looks like a "she" to me) stopped on the road and looked at me. I could almost hear her saying, "Why, hello there, good morning, nice day, isn't it?"

Well yes, it's a nice day as long as nobody got hurt and the neighbours are not angry at the hullabaloo and cacophony.

She looked really cute sitting on the road, so I just had to rush in to get my camera.


Bunny & Friends were already on full alert.


With Cow ever ready to protect and hold the fort.


By the time I got my camera out, I'd miss the shot of Rosie and Vincent looking really worried, sitting atop the car.

mini-P2050512 mini-P2050513

Vincent was on the ledge, checking for clues.


Mr Zurik looked like he just woke up...oh, he's not involved too?

Now, the plot thickens. No Vincent and no Mr Zurik? And a fight was brewing?

WHO was involved?


Timmy looked really scared and quickly ran into the house.

That leaves...Ginger and...Heidi.

mini-P2050517 mini-P2050518 mini-P2050519

I don't think it was Ginger or Daffodil as I'd seen her the first round I came out and she wasn't involved at all.

So it must have been.......


Yes! Our grand old Dame Heidi.


 We've had this theory that even amongst cats, there is race and color-coding.

This looks like a tabby issue, so tabbies to the frontline?


A license to kill, make no mistake about that, but certainly not on a whim.


We're from Orange County, so we'd better play it safe and go into the safehouse.

This is not our fight.


 Tabby? Did someone say "tabby"? 

Is my help needed?

Race exists in the cat community. Cats of the same "feather" fight together? Sorry, I meant, flock. Flock together.

And while everyone was on full alert...

mini-P2010485I rest my case.


Maneki Neko said...

The insert of Dame Judi, juxtaposed against Dame Heidi, caused me to snort my morning coffee out my nose. Now my desk is a mess, but my day is off to a great start! :-D Thanks for the laugh.

Dayana said...

comel sangat heidi!

Chen said...

My LOL moment was at the end when I saw Indy sleeping happily when the rest are up in arms. He is such a contrary cat!

chankahyein said...

"Contrary cat"!! Now, that's so apt for Indy! And surely you must see the physical and iron-lady similarities between Heidi and Dame Judi Dench?!!

Chen said...

Yes, Heidi looks also very curiously like Judi Dench. How can this be? Hmm ... the eyes? I can't put my finger on it.

chankahyein said...

It's the whole don't-mess-with-me aura about them!

Chen said...

"Timmy looked really scared and quickly ran into the house."

Timmy probably stress eats - so he ran into the house to look for a bite :D

chankahyein said...

Timmy eats. Period. LOL!

Chen said...

If the new tabby joins the gang, you might end up in a scenario like this: :D

chankahyein said...

Aww...this is SO cute!!

Amelia said...

heard that ginger cats tend to emo-eats a lot...esp when they are stressed..
Dusty is like that too!!