Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daffodil up against Marcel...single-handedly too

Last night, there was the sound of fierce cat-fight in the porch.

I thought it was the usual Mr Zurik vs Vincent again, but usually these two only do harmless head-butts and noise-making. Never so fiercely.

Nope, this must be really an outsider at work.

A quick check found Mr Zurik looking bewildered at the patio (like saying: What?? Why do you always suspect it's me??) while Heidi, Ginger, Vincent and Timmy were all inside the house, all looking very alarmed and worried.

Oh no...

Who was holding the fort?

mini-20140218_112707Yes, it was Daffodil...alone. This photo was taken this morning.

And I saw Marcel (the former "Mindy Gretchen" (when I mistakenly thought he was female)) standing in the porch. I shoo-ed him away and he went off.

Daffodil was under the car.

Rosie was nowhere to be seen. We always say she goes "line-dancing" with her friends from the pavilion as she looks like the type who would like such social activities.

Daffodil looked a little scared but was unscathed.

What a brave girl! She fought off Marcel single-handedly!

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