Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saving Timmy Thompson!

We caught his on camera this morning and it lasted more than an hour!


We don't know what happened or how it happened but we saw Heidi keeping Timmy under restraint (or more accurately, under the netting) this morning.


Stay there, you naughty cat. No more stealing food!


Timmy looked quite helpless and didn't dare move at all.

After half an hour...

mini-P2010490 mini-P2010492

I'm watching you like a hawk...

After an hour...


Rescue aid finally comes....


Run free, Timmy Thompson!
(That's the surname given by Jia-Wen.)

Meanwhile, life goes on as per normal...

mini-P1290481 mini-P1290480

With Mr Zurik hounding Willy.

Willy made his disappearing act on New Year's eve, but came back on New Year's Day!


Chen said...

Heidi: I'm trying to train Timmy to be a proper cat - dignified, mysterious and graceful and not be this greedy clown!

(Timmy hides under netting looking sheepish thus reinforcing his clown act for an hour)

Lesson fails!

jasmine ong said...

Chen ~ lol!