Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A clue about where Willy went

We were on our way out when we saw Willy under my car this evening. This was after the rest had had their dinner at the patio. I had already promised Willy canned food for dinner, so I had to keep my word. 


Upon closer examination of his "bald ear", it looked like there is a scar, which could be a natural scar or even a suture scar.

mini-20140218_175320 mini-20140218_175324You see that black scar?

Doesn't that look like a suture scar?

Now, here's what we hypothesise: Willy must have been injured and was caged for more than two weeks, which is the duration for the administration of antibiotics.

Makes sense?

If that's true, that means there is someone else looking after him too!

Isn't that good?

Or, was it an injury sustained during active duty on his secret mission and he received treatment from the military base?

We'll never know, would we?



joyce accardi said...

Looks like the left ear is shaven, which means someone must have shaven it which means that it was the vet and ii does look somewhat like a suture scar.

Chen said...

Another guardian angel! Yay! Maybe there be lots of guardian angels watching over all the animals and humans in your neighbourhood. :D

mas said...

I agreed with ur first theory. It's possible that he has other guardian.but i prefer the secret agent theory.heheh