Monday, February 1, 2010

My cats are taking care of me

On Saturday, after my son and I came back home (little did we know Suki was already gone by then), Cow had come into my room nudging me many times.  I did not know what he wanted at that time.  I think he was trying to tell me the news. 

Then, when I went out to look for Suki, Indy and Cow both brought me to that same spot on the road, and it was Cow who went across the road and stayed there for a long time.  That was precisely where Ainey had found Suki at midnight.  Cow knew.  Indy knew.  I just did not understand them.  Or rather, I sensed something not right, but I wanted to keep my hopes up.

The whole of yesterday, Cow kept me company.  He normally does not sit with me this way, but he is doing it now.  It was always Suki who would sit with me.  In fact, it was always the baby girls of the family who would sit on my lap while I do my work.  Previously, it was Cleo.  Then, Vixey and then, Suki.

Cow, is often misunderstood as being aloof because he has an unpredictable temperament and a short fuse, but I know ever since he was a baby, Cow had always taken on the position of "big brother" in the family.  He still takes on the responsibility now.  Sometimes, we think he behaves crankily because the responsibility poses too much stress for him.  Poor Cow. 

I know he is trying to console me. 

Bunny, too.  Bunny is FIV+, but looks very fit and healthy. 

Cleo is also here with me now.  Bobby, as always.  For 13 years, he has never left me out of his sight, even now, when we think he is almost (or already) blind. 

This is Tiger, also FIV+ - acupuncture did wonders for his confidence and health problems. 

It looks as though my cats are taking turns to accompany me in the room.  They don't want me to grieve alone.   

Animals can be so caring in their own ways.  I am blessed to have such faithful furry friends in my life. 

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