Friday, February 19, 2010

Because you loved us, Suki

My daughter, Ming-Yi, finally managed to choose a song to make Suki's memorial video clip.

Here it is:

Because you loved us, Suki.

And we will always love you. 

Suki, our little princess of mischief, who brought untold joy into our household, we will meet again on Rainbow Bridge. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ming-Yi,

Thank you for sharing with us the lovely memories of Suki.

It is a very wonderful, beautiful and touching video clip of Suki.

I miss the stories of her coup de tat and her boisterous antics. Her stories never failed to lift a smile in my face and I am sure many readers of the blog would feel the same thing.

Suki was very lucky to have come in contact with you and your family. She had a very good life, though short, loved by you and your mum. I am sure Suki has been reborn in a better existence now.