Saturday, February 13, 2010

A chicky feast for Bandit and Xiao Li

Bandit and Xiao Li had boiled chicken today.  I thought I would need to do everything possible to beef them up since both appear to be still quite emaciated.  Yesterday, they had two meals of AD, and kibbles in between. 

Xiao Li, enjoying her food.

Little Bandit, enjoying it even more.

I had to separate them both because Xiao Li tends to snatch food.

They couldn't finish the amount I gave them....

So, waste not, want not, Bunny polished it all up later.

This is the mess Xiao Li had created this morning in their cage. 

Both are happily playing in the room now.  At least that's a good sign.  Bandit also looks much healthier today.  I was really worried about him when he first came.  A loving home and suitable food, that's what animals need, the vet had told me.  If you can do this for any animal, all else is secondary.  Never mind if you cannot afford other things - just give them a safe home and feed them.   

Kittens come with their own temperament.  Wolfie and Simba were so, so well-behaved, they did not mess up their cage at all and would do their business outside.  However, they chose to do it on the top of the cage!   

Xiao Li is now trying very hard to get out of the room to explore outside.  She is very adventurous.

Still a little cock-eyed, though.  But as active as ever!

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Ervina said...

Dr. Chan you should give them Mayo's eyedrops. i used it on my baby kittens too when they contracted the eye infection, within 1 day their eyes cleared up!