Friday, February 12, 2010

The nocturnal twosome

Bandit and Xiao Li started playing after Daniel took Wolfie and Simba home with him.  I guess they needed time to adjust to the new environment and also may have felt a little intimidated by the two bigger kittens.

Xiao Li's behaviour is very, very much like Suki's - boisterous and adventurous.  Perhaps that's the typical behaviour of Calico princesses? 

The two of them looked a little emaciated and malnourished, so I gave them some Fussie Cat fish, which they polished!

Bandit looks quite emaciated.

And after the delicious meal, the two played nonstop in the room, from then, till now...

Meanwhile Daniel text to say that Bella (aka "Datin") has welcomed Wolfie and Simba into the fold.  However, Pucci (the former "Mrs Towel") started hissing, and this in turn made Wolfie and Simba hiss as well.  So, he had three hissing kittens while the Datin looked on, probably quite amused by it all.  Daniel said Simba is quite territorial too.  The two seemed so mild-mannered while in my house, but I guess it's also the uncertainty in the change of environment.  I'm sure with Daniel's tender loving care, they would settle in and live harmoniously in no time.

I can't thank Daniel enough for taking the both of them and giving them a loving and caring home.  Bless you, Daniel.   


Anonymous said...

Thin and emaciated kittens? Give them lots of steamed chicken breast meat. Can buy a whole piece of breast meat instantly from Chicken rice shop. Cheaper and much, much more nutritious value for money packed with muscle protein for growing kids than any can food which is full of water and jelly actually. Good luck, all!

Yen Ling said...

Dr. Chan,

When I see Xiao Li no. 2, is like starting all over again with Xiao Li no. 1 (Suki). Don't you think so?

=) Suki leaves in all of us.