Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tara goes to the vet

Today is Tara's turn to visit the vet.  When I reached the house, she hid inside her cage and refused to go out.  I had to carry her into the car.  Guess Sean must have "told" her about that terrible place where they stick a needle into you and scrape your skin. 

Unlike Sean, Tara was very nervous at the clinic.  She was practically shivering.

But she warmed up to Dr Vijay instantly. 
Guess she knows who the "good guys" are.

Dr Vijay did not see anything wrong with Tara.  She looks healthy, but could do with a bit more weight as she is still rather thin.  Tara was given her first vaccination with the Recombitek. 

She will come back for her booster after one month.  And she can be spayed two weeks after that.   

Dr Vijay estimates Tara to be about 3-4 years old. 

Tara was so relieved to be home after the visit to the clinic.

She quickly went back into her cage and did not want to come out anymore.

Sean came out to check on Tara.  Sean is less than 1 year old.   

My mum says she can foster Sean and Tara for as long as her health permits, but age is catching up.  Both my parents will be 77 this year.  So if anyone would like to give Sean and Tara a good home, both of them are also up for adoption. 

Sean and Tara are both distemper survivors from the Klang Dog Pound.  It's been one month since they have recovered, so in another month's time, they will not be shedding the virus anymore, and can mix with other (preferably, vaccinated) dogs.  They will be spayed-neutered in one-and-a-half months' time, and would have completed their vaccinations. 

Just for everyone's information, the maximum safety margin (and this really very maximum!) for parvo and distemper cases is two months after recovery.   


jennifer said...

Hi, my family have adopted Tara. I plan to apply for license for Tara but I would require the vacination cert. Can I get it from you.

chankahyein said...

The vaccination card was given to your mother the day Tara went to your home. Could you please check with your mum, please?