Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teddybear's blood test results

This afternoon, I took Teddybear for a follow-up blood test and his WBC has come down, showing a good improvement.  Two days ago, it was 25.9.  Today, it was 15.5.  The upper limit of the normal range is 11, so he still has evidence of some infection, but is recovering.

The vet also said the catheter can already be removed, and we had a very hard time doing this because his arm is so, so tiny.  It must be taken almost an hour to do this very slowly and carefully so as not to cause his tender skin to peel.  Teddy put up a fierce battle; it finally took THREE vets to take the plasters off his little arm. 

This morning, Teddybear tried to make friends with Xiao Li and Bandit. 

Bandit has been sulking in his litter box all day.

Or, he would just sleep on the upper platform in his cage.

That's also because Teddybear had taken Bandit's favourite spot - on the computer bag where he has access to his pink flowers.

Xiao Li has been very caring and hospitable.

She shows a lot of concern for Teddybear.

Teddybear tried to make friends with Sulky aka Bandit again, this evening.

But Sulky still wants to sulk, so Teddybear goes to the corner and sits by himself.  It would take Sulky (I mean, Bandit) sometime to accept his brother.

Meanwhile, Teddybear needs to fatten up and grow!  The vet is happy with his improvement from yesterday till this afternoon, but says he is still very thin and scrawny.  

His stools this evening is more solid, though still soft.  He is on several antibiotics to help combat whatever infections he has. 

You have to eat regular meals, Teddybear. 

Let's see if you can grow as big as Bandit soon...

Get well soon, Teddybear. 

Teddy seems to have found his spot in the room now. 
All tired out after "arm-battling" with three vets this afternoon!

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Yen Ling said...

3 cheers for Teddybear! =) and hats off to you too Dr. Chan. Another good job well done.Syabas!

Yes. Sulky seem to be a 'cuter' name for Bandit. His attitude really...shows it off well.

I believe Teddybear wanted to seek permission from Bandit to use 'sakura' area. But since
there isn't any reply whatsoever, he just helped himself.

I just can't help myself, but each time I see Xiao Li no.2 pictures, it reminds me so much of Xiao Li no.1